We have the ability to replace BGA IC's ranging from 0.020" x 0.010" (0.51mm x 0.25mm) to 1.4" x 1.4" (35mm x 35mm).  We can accomodate boards up to 15" x 9" (381mm x 229 mm) and a maximum thickness of 0.25" (6mm).  Each BGA IC has it's own temperature profile, ie.: temperature ramp so to eliminate thermal shock but still maintain temperature for lead-free solder to flow. Once designed these profiles are always used for a particular BGA IC.   This means every time the BGA IC is removed or replaced its always the same temperature at the same moment in time.  The Metcal APR-5000 uses an optic system which allows the operator to view the bottom of the IC and the top of the board simultaneously, resulting in a perfect placement of the BGA IC every time.


BGA IC Replacement


We use the magnified optic system Easy Braid VPI-1000 to inspect solder once the BGA IC is placed.  This optic system uses a series of mirrors which allows the operator to view under the IC and look for flaws or imperfections.  We can measure and record solder ball height, separation distance or anything else imaginable.  


BGA IC Perfection

BGA IC Short

BGA IC Paste Debris

BGA IC Replacement
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